Sunshine and sand at Talalla Beach

Sri Lanka boasts some gorgeous tropical beaches and the one which was recommended to us as a paradise was Talalla Beach. Set in a quiet town full of guest houses and hotels, Talalla was perfect for our final stop in our Sri Lankan holiday.

We didn’t get up to much in our time here which was partially to do with the area, but also to do with a tumble I had at the beach. Beach holidays aren’t something I’m very familiar with and I’ve only swam in open waters maybe once before. I’ve never been advised on how to properly handle a wave coming towards me and when two rough ones hit in quick succession I was thrown over and somersaulted face first into the sand below. It was a little traumatic and wiped out the rest of the morning and most of the afternoon until I got bored of staring at the guest house walls.

After my experience in the sea I really wasn’t feeling jumping back in the water so we mostly just watched the waves from the beach. Mark had another go on the last day but I think we’re going to wait for still waters before we get into swimwear again. The beach was still stunning so we got to relax and take in the view which was enough to relax at the end of two weeks of travel.

Just down the road from Talalla is Matara which is a hub for transport in the south of Sri Lanka. We spent a couple of afternoons here getting some local food and finding quiet places to drink coffee, but didn’t spend too much time as it felt like just another loud, busy city.

We’d purposely opted for a quiet place, though our friends who we met in other places had made their way to Marissa instead. Maybe we’d have more of a story to tell had we stayed in a party place but sometimes you just need to take a couple of days to recharge.

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