Staying still in Santiago

Chile, South America

So here we are on the penultimate flight of the journey, having almost looped once around the world in 220 days. There’s just one…

9th May

Lots and lots of salt

Bolivia, South America

The major attraction for us in Bolivia was the Uyuni salt flats, which we’ve been told is the largest in the world. We’re fascinated…

29th Apr

Copacabana and two nights in La Paz

Bolivia, South America

It’s strange that in three weeks we’ve travelled from L.A. to Peru and then all the way down to Bolivia.

28th Apr

A day trip to Puno to visit the islands on Lake Titicaca

Peru, South America

Sometimes tours make me feel uncomfortable, especially when the locals are expected to perform for the entertainment of the tourists.

25th Apr

Coming back to Cusco

Peru, South America

Following our visit to Machu Picchu, we almost felt like we were done with this trip. We’ve been on the move for just under…

24th Apr

Completely amazed by Machu Picchu

Peru, South America

Machu Picchu is actually the only reason we’re in South America and Mark’s been excited to see it for a long time, so it…

22nd Apr

Lima to Paracas and Huacachina

Peru, South America

Our first stop on our Peruvian jaunt was in a small seaside town called Paracas, mostly known for the Ballestas Islands which are overflowing…

16th Apr

An unfamiliar place called Lima

Peru, South America

After our short 48 hour stop in Los Angeles, we’re now 4176 miles away down in South America. This month will be full of…

14th Apr