A fort walk and wallabies on Magnetic Island


The journey to Magnetic Island was our first experience of Australia’s Greyhound bus, which took six hours to make the journey from Cairns to…

13th Feb

Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef


Our first stop in Australia is Cairns, which just so happens to be a great destination to visit the Great Barrier Reef from.

9th Feb

A four day stay in Ubud


Before venturing north towards Ubud we spent a few hours in Keta, having landed at midnight on our flight from The Philippines. We were…

3rd Feb

Twelve days rest in Port Barton

The Philippines

Port Barton was the perfect town to finally stop moving for a while and recharge mentally.

27th Jan

Coming back down to earth and landing in Manila

The Philippines

It’s pretty tough leaving Japan and landing in somewhere as hectic as Manila, especially when you pick a bad area to stay in.

16th Jan

Tokyo time and some final thoughts on Japan


According to everyone who has talked our ear off about Japan, Tokyo was going to be the icing on the cake. We didn’t know…

12th Jan

My lonely day trip to Yokohama


Sometimes you just need a day to yourself to make your own decisions and realise how much you enjoy other people’s company.

8th Jan

A monkey park and loads of snow


We were excited to see Jigokudani Monkey Park, though high expectations can sometimes lead to disappointment.

7th Jan

Our day trip to Hakone to get closer to Mount Fuji


It was a cold winter’s day when we set off for Hakone. The sky was clear and we’d layered up as best we could in the hopes of staying warm.

5th Jan

Two days in Hiroshima to begin the new year


We chose to visit Hiroshima to start the New Year to learn more about some of the harder times in Japan’s recent history.

3rd Jan

A quiet festive period visiting temples and shrines


Kyoto is full of beautiful places to visit and explore, so we stayed a few days to enjoy it properly.

1st Jan

A few days doing very little and moving a lot


Sometimes making decisions on where to go and how to get there is difficult when there are so many options to choose from.

29th Dec

Spending Christmas with the deer at Nara Park


Feeding crackers to deer in Japan is a pretty fun way to spend Christmas day, topped off with sharing gifts with new friends.

28th Dec

Pre-Christmas celebrations in Osaka


We’ve had a great Christmas here in Japan, making the new friends and trading the silliest gifts we could find.

26th Dec

First impressions of Japan


It’s quite surreal being in Japan after so many years wishing to visit, but the strangest part is how familiar it feels already.

23rd Dec

Two lazy days in Luang Prabang


Although we’ve had a few days here we’ve done very little, but it’s definitely what we needed after so much travel over the past few weeks.

9th Dec

Updates are coming, I promise

Laos, Vietnam

We’ve been pretty rubbish at updating recently due to an app deleting a post and the lack of time to write, but I really want to fix that.

8th Dec

Vientiane and the quiet parts of Vang Vieng


We didn’t know what to expect from Laos but we’re realising now that it’s a beautiful country with loads of stunning landscapes to explore.

7th Dec

The ups and downs of long term travel

Random Musings

Being able to travel the world is a privilege, but it also comes with some frustrating experiences too.

26th Nov

Our woeful journey to Vietnam

Cambodia, Vietnam

This is a cautionary tale about the troubles you could face when you don’t do your research.

23rd Nov

Peppercorns and a scooter ride in beautiful Kampot


Kampot has been a wonderful stop on a journey through Cambodia which was far too quick. Our brief tour around the peppercorn plantation and…

22nd Nov

A brief stop in Phnom Penh learning about Cambodia’s recent history


Our stop in Phnom Penh was very brief as we weren’t too interested in another city when there was countryside waiting for us at the next place.

20th Nov

Exploring temples and discovering craft beer in Siem Reap


Here we visited the famous Angkor Wat and got to know some of the nicest people we’ve met on our trip so far.

18th Nov

Sunshine and sand at Talalla Beach

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka boasts some gorgeous tropical beaches and the one which was recommended to us as a paradise was Talalla Beach. Set in a…

15th Nov