Back for seven weeks

Random Musings

This weekend marks seven weeks since we’ve been home and I’m struggling to find an emotion to settle on about it. The only thing I can…

9th Jul 2018

A beautiful wedding in Snowdonia


When you live so close to somewhere as beautiful as Wales for years, you should take the time to explore it. That’s something we didn’t realise…

4th Jun 2018

Our coach journey to Chile

Bolivia, Chile

Our detour into Bolivia was short but sweet, with a pretty big pile of salt in the middle. Although there were options for other places to…

1st May 2018

Lots and lots of salt

Bolivia, South America

The major attraction for us in Bolivia was the Uyuni salt flats, which we’ve been told is the largest in the world. We’re fascinated by crazy…

29th Apr 2018

Coming back to Cusco

Peru, South America

Following our visit to Machu Picchu, we almost felt like we were done with this trip. We’ve been on the move for just under seven months…

24th Apr 2018

Time to relax in Fiji


Our first experience of a resort holiday together was in Fiji, which came as a welcome break from moving around so much all of the time.

4th Apr 2018

Searching for hobbits

New Zealand

I’ve been waiting a very long time to see New Zealand, mostly because a little trilogy of books I read in my teens.

27th Mar 2018

Not much to do in Napier

New Zealand

Napier probably wouldn’t be on my list of places to visit in New Zealand, but it was fun to see all the Art Deco buildings in the town.

25th Mar 2018