Back for seven weeks

This weekend marks seven weeks since we’ve been home and I’m struggling to find an emotion to settle on about it. The only thing I can think of to compare this to is the feelings you have after a relationship ends. When I look at photos of our trip I feel a huge sense of loss and I just want the world to take us back. We did some amazing things over seven months which makes it tough coming back to what we already know, especially since I’m now down to my last £100.

We were warned by several people that the post-travel blues were going to hit us hard and they were so right.

Sometimes I have to remind myself there were plenty of things which were difficult about travelling too. I was definitely longing for some home comforts by the end, which I think we’ve indulged in far too much since being back. For the first two weeks we barely did anything other than eat and unpack things from storage.

It’s not all been miserable moping around trying to get back to normal life though; we’ve actually been up to quite a few things since we got back. I’m not going to promise any backdated posts because my time seems to be slipping out of my hands, but I will briefly cover what we’ve been up to in this post. One of the things I wish I’d done more of while I was away is write more posts in certain countries. Some of the experiences we had were pretty emotional and I feel like writing them down now just wouldn’t be the same as when the experiences were still fresh.

Since we’ve been back we’ve been to a wedding in Wales, down to London for a comic and arts festival, had our welcome back BBQ, attended TEDxLiverpool, organised two Print Socials and another instalment of Liverpool Print Fair. We’ve also reopened our shop so Mark and I have been busy taking new photos, updating listings and trying to convince people to buy our things. On top of that I’ve been working hard to get some freelance web design work in, which of course is normally my main source of income.

It actually feels good to write all that down because it’s good to remind myself what I’ve actually done with my time. Almost straight after we returned it felt like we’d never left and time is just slipping through my fingers at the moment, so it’s nice to realise I’m still doing what I want to do now.

We’ve even got a festival to go to next week, which should be fun because Mark and I haven’t been to a festival together before. I think it’s been 10 years since I last went to one too, so the experience is definitely going to be interesting. I can’t promise I’ll find the time to write about it, but I can promise that I’ll try. If nothing else there’ll definitely be a lot of photos.

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