A year went by and nobody posted

Random Musings

It’s funny how travelling can be a core part of your life for seven months, but when you return home it takes hardly any…

22nd Sep

Over to Leeds for a weekend of comics with friends


When your bank account is still recovering from a round-the-world trip, travel plans become far less exotic. Rather than flying out to some foreign…

12th Oct

Back for seven weeks

Random Musings

This weekend marks seven weeks since we’ve been home and I’m struggling to find an emotion to settle on about it. The only thing…

9th Jul

A beautiful wedding in Snowdonia


When you live so close to somewhere as beautiful as Wales for years, you should take the time to explore it. That’s something we…

4th Jun

Staying still in Santiago

Chile, South America

So here we are on the penultimate flight of the journey, having almost looped once around the world in 220 days. There’s just one…

9th May

Our coach journey to Chile

Bolivia, Chile

Our detour into Bolivia was short but sweet, with a pretty big pile of salt in the middle. Although there were options for other…

1st May

Lots and lots of salt

Bolivia, South America

The major attraction for us in Bolivia was the Uyuni salt flats, which we’ve been told is the largest in the world. We’re fascinated…

29th Apr

Copacabana and two nights in La Paz

Bolivia, South America

It’s strange that in three weeks we’ve travelled from L.A. to Peru and then all the way down to Bolivia.

28th Apr

Three weeks until home and I’m starting to freak out


It’s funny how time and experience changes what you’re nervous about. We’ve done so much in the past 7 months that I’m scared home won’t be enough.

27th Apr

A day trip to Puno to visit the islands on Lake Titicaca

Peru, South America

Sometimes tours make me feel uncomfortable, especially when the locals are expected to perform for the entertainment of the tourists.

25th Apr

Coming back to Cusco

Peru, South America

Following our visit to Machu Picchu, we almost felt like we were done with this trip. We’ve been on the move for just under…

24th Apr

Completely amazed by Machu Picchu

Peru, South America

Machu Picchu is actually the only reason we’re in South America and Mark’s been excited to see it for a long time, so it…

22nd Apr

Lima to Paracas and Huacachina

Peru, South America

Our first stop on our Peruvian jaunt was in a small seaside town called Paracas, mostly known for the Ballestas Islands which are overflowing…

16th Apr

An unfamiliar place called Lima

Peru, South America

After our short 48 hour stop in Los Angeles, we’re now 4176 miles away down in South America. This month will be full of…

14th Apr

Our brief encounter with L.A.

Central America

For the past two nights we’ve been in Los Angeles, staying in a motel in Long Beach. We didn’t get up to much, but…

10th Apr

Time to relax in Fiji


Our first experience of a resort holiday together was in Fiji, which came as a welcome break from moving around so much all of the time.

4th Apr

Searching for hobbits

New Zealand

I’ve been waiting a very long time to see New Zealand, mostly because a little trilogy of books I read in my teens.

27th Mar

Not much to do in Napier

New Zealand

Napier probably wouldn’t be on my list of places to visit in New Zealand, but it was fun to see all the Art Deco buildings in the town.

25th Mar

In need of wellies in Wellington

New Zealand

We didn’t do a huge amount in Wellington, but we did visit Weta Workshop where I got to be all geeky about Lord of the Rings and prop making.

23rd Mar

The magnificent views of Doubtful Sound

New Zealand

New Zealand hasn’t exactly been a cheap date so far, but given the fact that it’s fantastically beautiful we’re willing to overlook that fact.

18th Mar

North to Tekapo, south to Dunedin and west to Te Anau

New Zealand

For the past few days I haven’t really done much, though we have seen a large chunk of New Zealand’s South Island through the window of the car.

16th Mar

On to Sunshine Coast for Australia Zoo


As I’m someone who is clearly obsessed with animals, it was inevitable that we’d stop at Australia Zoo on our way down Australia’s east…

16th Feb

Ginger beer, rum and sea turtles in Bundaberg


We arrived into Bundaberg first thing on a Monday morning when the sun was already high in the sky. After spending 16 hours travelling…

14th Feb

A fort walk and wallabies on Magnetic Island


The journey to Magnetic Island was our first experience of Australia’s Greyhound bus, which took six hours to make the journey from Cairns to…

13th Feb