A year went by and nobody posted

Mark doesn’t want our travel blog to disappear because he thinks it will mean it was a waste of time in the first place, so this is me checking in with ramblings.

It’s funny how travelling can be a core part of your life for seven months, but when you return home it takes hardly any time for it to become a vague memory of more exciting times. Before you know it 16 more months have gone by and you realise you’ve been in the same place 2x longer than the whole time you were gone.

We’ve been on little trips here and there, but it seems like the focus of our lives (or mine at least) has shifted to business rather than pleasure. For the past 12 months I’ve been working as a sole-trader, crawling my way up out of the debt the travelling left me in to now be earning a decent wage for myself. I’m just about ready to start saving up for more holidays again and the thought of it is really exciting.

I miss travelling so much that it makes me feel like I’m wasting time if I don’t make plans for it. When I look at the facts, I’m actually using my time wisely and building something exciting, but I still wish I was making my way around the globe and experiencing things for the first time every day.

I have to remind myself that I was ready to come home by the end of our travels, so maybe this was the return to the norm that I needed when I needed it. Now it’s time to shake things up again and get away from the day-to-day.

Dear future me,

If you’re reading this in 2020 and you haven’t planned anything new for yourself to go see, you’re disappointing the old you.


3 thoughts on “A year went by and nobody posted
  1. I miss travelling so much that it makes me feel like I’m wasting time if I don’t make plans for it…..
    I love this sentiment sooooo much…you make the plans while you make the money to pay for them…they go hand in hand…then when you’ve made the money you carry out the plans..

  2. who could have known what 2020 would hold…all plans are on hold

    1. I got to see Venice for the first time this year, so at least there’s that. I guess I should write a post about it though!

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