A beautiful wedding in Snowdonia

When you live so close to somewhere as beautiful as Wales for years, you should take the time to explore it. That’s something we didn’t realise until we went to a wedding in North Wales this weekend, and boy do we feel stupid.

I guess it helps if you can drive, but neither of us can and we just spent seven months exploring plenty of countries without a car, so there’s really no excuse. 

We were invited to the wedding of our friends Dan & Beth whom we’ve known for a few years now. It’s always touching when you’re invited to a wedding as it’s a pretty special day in the lives of any couple. Having just returned to the UK this was also going to be the first time we’d seen them since our leaving party back in September.

On the way there it felt pretty normal to be getting in a minibus and heading towards somewhere we’d never been before too. More normal than sitting around the house for two weeks at least.

The wedding was gorgeous and the surrounding scenery was pretty amazing. The speeches were beautiful too and I found myself tearing up as Beth gave hers.

After the ceremony, speeches, food and dancing we stayed the night in our tent outside the venue. It’s a bit strange to climb into a tent wearing formal clothes but after a few drinks it’s a lot easier to ignore those sorts of things.

Rather than taking the minibus back the next day, we got in the car with two of our friends Dan & Louise instead and headed to a nearby pub for a drink and some food.

It was a lovely end to a beautiful weekend and one we were glad to have been invited to experience.

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