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A year went by and nobody posted

Random Musings

It’s funny how travelling can be a core part of your life for seven months, but when you return home it takes hardly any…

Over to Leeds for a weekend of comics with friends


When your bank account is still recovering from a round-the-world trip, travel plans become far less exotic. Rather than flying out to some foreign…

Back for seven weeks

Random Musings

This weekend marks seven weeks since we’ve been home and I’m struggling to find an emotion to settle on about it. The only thing…

A beautiful wedding in Snowdonia


When you live so close to somewhere as beautiful as Wales for years, you should take the time to explore it. That’s something we…

Staying still in Santiago

Chile, South America

So here we are on the penultimate flight of the journey, having almost looped once around the world in 220 days. There‚Äôs just one…

Our coach journey to Chile

Bolivia, Chile

Our detour into Bolivia was short but sweet, with a pretty big pile of salt in the middle. Although there were options for other…