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Ginger beer, rum and sea turtles in Bundaberg


We arrived into Bundaberg first thing on a Monday morning when the sun was already high in the sky. After spending 16 hours travelling…

A fort walk and wallabies on Magnetic Island


The journey to Magnetic Island was our first experience of Australia’s Greyhound bus, which took six hours to make the journey from Cairns to…

Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef


Our first stop in Australia is Cairns, which just so happens to be a great destination to visit the Great Barrier Reef from.

A four day stay in Ubud


Before venturing north towards Ubud we spent a few hours in Keta, having landed at midnight on our flight from The Philippines. We were…

Twelve days rest in Port Barton

The Philippines

Port Barton was the perfect town to finally stop moving for a while and recharge mentally.

Coming back down to earth and landing in Manila

The Philippines

It’s pretty tough leaving Japan and landing in somewhere as hectic as Manila, especially when you pick a bad area to stay in.